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For any gamer, choosing an internet provider is an important decision, so we want to help you make the right choice.
TelstraClear is the perfect environment for any demanding gamer requiring fast, stable ping times; plenty of bandwidth; and great, affordable options for data usage.
We invented flexibility as the first in New Zealand to offer customers ‘usage packs' with our PDQ Broadband plans. Unlike most internet providers, we won't downgrade you to dial up speeds. Once you go over your chosen 1G or 10G usage pack, TelstraClear will automatically allocate you another pack to use (of the same size) so you can continue to receive our fast service.
If you're lucky enough to live in an area where we offer InHome Broadband on our cable network, then you have access to New Zealand's fastest home broadband.
When it comes to download limits, don't worry about it! Because if you are a TelstraClear residential customer using PDQ or InHome Cable Broadband, you can game on our ClearnetDeluxe servers and all your usage will be zero-rated. This means you can use your usage limits for downloading what you need, and still enjoy throttle free gaming at any time. And if you want options like interleaving turned off on our PDQ Broadband, then we can do that for you on request.
Epitiro has ranked TelstraClear as the number one broadband performer in the country for two quarters running*.
If you're ready to make a positive change, Now's Good to join us.
*Epitiro Media Releases 13 September 2007 and 20 December 2007



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